Bob Lester

Bob Lester has been a radio dude since 1979 when he started working weekends at the golden oldies station KVGM in Yakima Washington. He moved to Alaska in 1990 and has been on the radio in the mornings ever since. He has four sons, one dog and one wife. When he’s not fishing he’s planning on fishing. He still freaks out when he sees a moose and thinks reindeer sausage goes in everything. He smells pretty good for an older guy and chews his food thoroughly. He flosses every night before bed and plays the guitar as well as he plays the drums. He can’t play either. He loves America and people that love America. His right knee has been bothering him for years, but he’s learned to just deal with it. He also has a tendency to lose his train of thought and will just go off in some strange direction where Bigfoot probably smells really bad, like that dead animal smell…you know that super strong smell of death? It’s just awful. Like that dead mouse you can’t find until a few weeks later under a cardboard box in the basement.
Fish on!
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